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Suzhou Su Tingda Automation Technology Co. Ltd.

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  • Solid state chassis
  • Automatic image measuring instrument
  • PEI panel
  • Solid state chassis
  • Belt assembly line for electronic appliances

Three major product casesProvide you with the most professional and best choice

Automatic image measuring instrument

01Automatic ...

The automatic image measuring instrument is an artificial intelligence modern optical non-contact measuring instrument developed on the basis of digital image measuring instrument

02Solid stat...

The color / blue anodized, the silk screen is clear, and the screws should be flat on the surface without oil and scratches.

Solid state chassis
Belt assembly line for electronic appliances

03Belt assem...

Belt line for semi-finished or finished product delivery in electronics and other industries.

Four advantages

Suzhou Su Tingda Automation Technology Co. Ltd.


Company introduction

The successful service of thousands of enterprises

Suzhou Su Tingda Automation Technology Co. Ltd.It is a company specializing in light industry, electronics and electrical appliances, light and communication devices, injection molding, etc.


Selected quality assurance

Give you the most efficient, fastest and most professional engineering services

The company is based on the research and development of non standard automation equipment and customize various non standard equipment according to the products and requirements provided by the customer。

(The following cases are as follows: air vehicle industry, stamping parts inspection machine, terminal plate automatic assembly machine, optical fiber communication connector assembly machine, nut automatic conveyor, screw automatic conveyor, water cutting machine, antenna assembly machine).

Suzhou Su Tingda Automation Technology Co. Ltd.
Suzhou Su Tingda Automation Technology Co. Ltd.


Strong company strength

Supported by strong strength

Our company since its inception, the continuous introduction of foreign advanced technology and management concept, training a large number of highly qualified professionals, to ensure quality and lay a solid foundation, at the same time, the company developed a technology for the development of policy pilot, development of products with independent intellectual property rights, have to invest a lot of money every year engineering research and development, new technology and new products to the market continuously。


Professional after-sale service

Win value by quality, win customers by service

Our company has 62 employees, of whom 21 are engineering and R & D personnel, and 15 are after-sales service. The company is committed to win-win cooperation and customer oriented purposes, with high-quality after-sales service to meet customer requirements in an all-round way.

Suzhou Su Tingda Automation Technology Co. Ltd.
National Service Hotline0512-66705557 Suzhou Su Tingda Automation Technology Co. Ltd.

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About Us

Suzhou Su Tingda Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou City Wangting Town, north of Wuxi, west of Kunshan Shanghai, Beijing Shanghai high speed.312 Road, convenient transportation, good radiation range of Yangtze River delta.…


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